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Why do kids get depressed

With the emphasis on mental health and the popularization of health knowledge, people gradually realize that depression is no longer the patent for adults, children are becoming another victim of depression group. So why children do get depressed?

Children of Depression:

1, genetic factors: familial genetic factors in the pathogenesis of depression in children may play a role, about 50% of parents of children with depression have at least one person suffered from depression. Children before the onset of depression, personality tend to be stubborn, challenging behavior, or performance of a passive, incompetent, dependent and alone. In addition, events such as parental death or divorce, children can also be depressed.

2 accident: a certain object, such as the loss of someone or something on the occurrence of depression plays an important role: as the person or thing is very important for children, so children see it as and they are one, when such an important person or thing when no longer exist, such as the separation of their parents death, can cause intense ambivalence of children, and thus transformed into a sense of their own hostility, leading to the emergence of depression.

3, cognitive factors: the child's cognitive process in the form of depression plays an important role. This view, early childhood experiences such as separation, bereavement, lack of maternal love and the warmth of family and so easy to create a negative perception the background, when children are frustrated when they tend to belittle their own, produce impotence, despair emotional experience, and things to do on distorted and exaggerated understanding. Negative form of depression cognitive susceptibility mechanism.

4, hormonal changes: pre-school children will have depression, but more children diagnosed with depression in adolescence, those children. This phase is the period of hormonal change, boys and girls have roughly the same proportion of depression, but in their teens and into adulthood, girls have to increase the proportion of depression is twice that of boys. Hormonal changes and social expectations are the reason for this gender difference.

To understand why children get depressed, help parents do a good job guarding, to prevent the occurrence of child depression. And can avoid some of the family as much as possible predisposing factor, even if that child has depression also appeared in the Chu Li is well to avoid some of the unnecessary psychological burden.

Life is too depressed to find the comfort you

Science and technology make our lives more comfortable, more and more people know how to enjoy. But U.S. experts have found, too comfortable living may make a higher incidence of depression, we should take the initiative in their work and make their busy lives.

People are still busy with some good

Occasional leisure, often at busy.

Even if your life is very comfortable and cozy, but do not meet this, the best point from time to time to find their own "busy."

Professor Blakemore, at work, as far as possible to finish a job or task. First of all, let their be doing something every day. Develop a detailed plan of work or study, preferably for a period of one week. The plan should include your hours of work per day, such as the points began to work, to the end points, need to work overtime long; What do you do each time so. With the plan constraints, it greatly reduces the idle and lazy time. When you work orderly, your brain will become more active, emotions also risen, but will not be discouraged, making a fuss of. Also, if you have time, it is best to work hand-written a summary or plan, do not always rely on the computer typing.

Second, think yourself every day. Encounter problems, do not immediately turn to the computer or others, if they do, not only the brain, "rusty", you will not enjoy the sense of self-realization. This is also an important factor for depression. Proposals, no trouble before to save for their first positive experience problems thinking solutions.

Finally, let himself every day "go." Want to find colleagues and leaders to discuss the issue, as far as possible through phone or online chat tool. Best to walk with each other in person interviews, one to conduct such hands-on can enhance your relationship, and secondly, will impact the thinking of the spark.

In life, though there are so many modern equipment could help our work, but sometimes have to learn to return to the "primitive." Director, Beijing Hui Long Guan Hospital, Dr Chen Dachun that is able to do more to alleviate the symptoms of depression. The thing is that some life whatever chores, such as small as possible without washing clothes can be washed by hand; have time to cook their own food, do not use the microwave easier route and leftovers; can cook at home, they try not to takeout; can use a broom and mop cleaning, do not use vacuum cleaners; as their dishes, use less dishwasher; go to the supermarket can not drive so walk.

Blackmore also suggested that men and women make their own hard work for them are also different ways. For the women, who might as organizations such as knitting in the past, mend them; male hands about home repairs and other things. These things may seem unremarkable, but it lets you get satisfaction from the bit and sense of fulfillment, better than lying on the couch watching TV you Shenzhelanyao better takeout. Do not forget, too leisurely life, nothing to rely on someone do it is a hotbed for breeding depression.

Heart trouble from the "Missing Six"

Suicide is very popular! No sense of belonging to us, life is not easy, unfair, unhappy, insecure ... ... China has 28.7 million people die of suicide each year, 200 people attempted suicide. Mental illness and mental illness for more than cardiovascular, respiratory and malignant diseases such as ranking first in China's total burden of disease. When the mental problems are no longer isolated cases, what our life missing something?

China is in the transitional period, an increase of social conflicts, competition, increased pressure to accelerate the pace of work, and major disasters, the economic crisis, the result of national mental disorders and social problems becoming increasingly apparent. Beijing Medical Association Board of Psychology experts specially written to Zhuangao newspaper.

China's top three mental illnesses: depression, anxiety and insomnia

Covers a wide range of psychological problems, from child development and growth of youth, to empty nesters; from the ivory tower of university students, shed where the migrant workers, to white-collar workers, government officials, business elite, the people at all levels are faced with the Type various psychological problems.

Beijing people over 18 years, 60 million people have been or are suffering from depression. National depression were more than 2600 million, of which 10% -15% commit suicide. According to the Beijing Psychological Crisis Research Center survey, 28.7 million people in China die from suicide each year, 200 people attempted suicide.

Mental illness and mental illness for more than cardiovascular, respiratory and malignant diseases such as ranking first in China's total burden of disease, accounting for about 20%. About 160 million people each year lead to social problems because of psychological problems, or even constitute a crime, a great social harm.

Increased psychological problems are many reasons, I think mainly for the "six missing."

8 into the suicide risk of depression

First, missing the lightness of being: present state of general anxiety

In the rapidly changing face of social competition, people mental relaxation, catharsis fewer opportunities and channels, can not adjust their existing mental set and behavior patterns. According to the "2008 Survey of Chinese workplace to work report" shows that in a web-based office workers at 1 million survey, 61% of people feel the pressure more, nearly 2 / 3 of people produce burnout. Especially in the police, medical staff, senior managers and other professional groups, 70% -80% of people feel pressure; performance as insomnia, memory deterioration, prone to stress, anxiety and depression.

Second, lack of sense of fairness: Psychological imbalance present

As the current is not enough variety of institutional mechanisms to improve, people in the occupied resources and opportunities to acquire, arise in fact the outcome of enjoyment of any of the Bu fair, often in the corresponding generation in Bijiao deprivation and imbalance Xin Li Gan. Coupled with a high degree of modern information society, various unbalanced, unfair prompt and wide dissemination of information to the public, causing many people's psychological imbalance. Such sentiments have accumulated for too long is bound to have serious psychological problems and social conflicts.

Third, lack a sense of security: present state of public crisis of confidence

In the social transition, the traditional values of the past decades, employment patterns, security system, all of a sudden changed dramatically, making the security of expectations about the future lack of concern about the unknown, fear of mental ill-prepared to change and multi- lack of psychological identity, easy to produce anxiety, fear, mental confusion, there trust, faith and credit crisis. The Weng'an in recent years, the first rock group events, etc., all have decreased credibility of the Government's social and psychological background.

Fourth, lack of well-being: present confused state of spiritual emptiness

2006 Beijing white-collar community survey that compared to the past 5 years, happiness index declined slightly and decreased 36% lot; divorced couples, 81% are there because of emotional torture and psychological problems. This shows that, when the pursuit and possession of wealth is no longer a need to meet life, but a status, a status symbol and show off, the spirit will be more emptiness, pain and confusion. For example, repeated exposure of the actress in recent years, drug abuse, homosexuality, is the pursuit of morbid mental excitement to fill their empty souls example.

Fifth, lack a sense of belonging: present status of marginalized groups

Increase the scope of population movements, changes to speed up the living environment, coupled with natural disasters, will make people more social strangeness increase, bringing a sense of belonging in the lower, which led to loneliness, helplessness. Developed rapidly, especially in some of the city, there are too many to be the threshold of high employment and high cost of living marginalized "social isolation" crowd, or psychological "rootless" people, their existence and continued expansion of the city as a potential a certain amount of risk, easy to spread some negative emotions, and even endanger the social order and safety.

Sixth, the same lack of emotion: social prejudice against mental illness and discrimination

Psychological mental illness, because they "shame" but not in time for medical treatment, delayed diagnosis and treatment. And rehabilitation of mental illness who can not successfully return to the community of nations, has also led to increased rates of psychotic relapse.

Recommendation: General Hospital General psychology clinic to open

In developed countries, general hospitals, mental health services, clinical medicine has become one of the five sections. In recent years, some of our larger cities, the establishment of general hospital psychologist after another, set up common psychological clinic for a variety of other than mental illness or psychological stress and psychological barriers related to patient services and meet the needs of society. General hospitals need to actively build mental illness prevention system and research system, the whole emphasis in the treatment of mental illness in patients with early intervention, early identification and early treatment, and continuously improve the mental illness in general hospital capacity and level of integrated control.

Mainly for the masses of ordinary psychological clinic to provide outpatient counseling services. Currently there are a lot of general medical psychological and physical disease-related psychological disorder, general psychological clinic to talk to many patients suffering heart the opportunity to effectively help them solve their psychological problems, cure or mitigation of psychological barriers, to reduce inspection and non-blind patients reasonable medical treatment, reduces medical resource consumption, reduce the burden on the State and the family.

Tertiary medical conditions should be set up psychological ward. Treated for major mental disorders and more, and clinical subjects serious psychosomatic disorders, so these patients can be good in general hospital environment, be professional spirit - psychological professional medical services.

Strengthen liaison consultations, give full play to the spirit of a specialist role. In recent years, requests for general hospital psychiatric and psychological subjects the proportion of consultations increased year by year. Provided in general hospital psychiatric, psychological medicine consultation service that can enhance psychiatric, psychological subjects with other clinical collaboration between departments to promote the clinical psychological and spiritual knowledge, the patients meet the physical, psychological, social, integrated model of comprehensive medical services.

Increase in the incidence of divorce, depression

A large international study shows that marriage is conducive to mental health, divorce would increase the risk of depression and drug abuse.

The study is based on the past 10 years the World Health Organization World Mental Health Survey carried out based on the 334 493 from 15 countries were studied. Study found breaking up, marriage, divorce or death caused by the end of the disease with a higher risk of mental health related to women are more likely to become drug addicts, men are more likely to fall into the quagmire of depression.

The study found that, both for men and women, marriage should be increased more than the single mental health, this finding consistent with previous research conducted. The study also found that men and women are more likely than first marriages in depression. Scott said this might be played by men in traditional family roles. According to the World Mental Health Survey results, the higher the educational level of women's lower likelihood of depression.

Another study found that gender differences, the marriage can reduce the likelihood of female drug abuse. Studies show that marriage for men and women in mental health access to many benefits, end of the marriage leading to pain and sorrow will make it easier for people suffering from mental illnesses.

Four triggers of postpartum depression

Postpartum depression, also known as postpartum depression, is a new mother while preparing for the birth of the baby may need to face a psychological barrier. About postpartum depression several incentives to help on that psychological barrier in the early to prevent, to protect the new mother's mental health.

First, the convergence of various psychological pressure

Postpartum women in a vulnerable stage of emotion, especially 1 week postpartum mood changes more evident in severe mental instability, due to the maternal role of the mother will not meet the commitment, psychological stress and anxiety depression.

And maternal anxiety and depression can lead to excessive number of physiological and pathological responses, such as the reduction of norepinephrine secretion and other endocrine changes, can lead to decreased uterine contraction, pain sensitivity, prolongation of bleeding increased, further increasing the anxiety of mothers , anxiety, become a trigger for postpartum depression.

Second, the impact of the environment

Maternal experience of negative life events, such as unemployment, marital separation, mourning their loved ones illness, family discord, etc., may trigger postpartum depression is an important incentive. Meanwhile, younger age, single parents, low social status, the mother of many children, their parents divorced early, low education, low income, new immigrants and other factors can increase the susceptibility to postpartum depression.

Third, dramatic changes in hormone levels

A lot of research data show that hormone levels decreased rapidly post-partum period and the onset of symptoms of depression. During pregnancy, maternal estrogen and progesterone levels gradually increased to a peak, an increase of 10 times. And 3-5 days after birth, the level will be gradually reduced to the basal level.

Studies have shown that the greater decrease in progesterone, the greater the likelihood of postpartum depression.

Fourth, other factors

According to incomplete statistics, postpartum depression with maternal age, nationality, occupation, quality of antenatal care, postpartum breastfeeding, maternal growth during the tragic events experienced by other factors. But in general with the randomness of these factors, the incidence of maternal or not depends on the individual qualities.

More than introduce you to some likely to cause postpartum depression common factors emerged. In addition to hormone secretion can not be self-control, psychological stress can have a good vent self-regulation, in addition to other factors by improving the environment to prevent postpartum depression induced by this is possible.

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What drugs can induce depression

Depression is a common mental disorder, with persistent low state of mind characterized. Medicine survey found that some drugs cause depression is a major factor can not be ignored, and the drug-induced depression, called drug-induced depression. Multi-drug-induced depression in drug use within a few days to two years, occurred. Dosage, the more prone to depression; drug reduced, the condition can be alleviated though, but again drugs can induce depression. Particularly sensitive character within the patient and easier to disease. The model performance is restless and uneasy, irritability, lack of self-confidence, sleep disorders, severe or even suicidal.

Compound hypotensive tablet is a long-term can produce depression and other compound containing agents such as reserpine Andy blood plain film, the new fall films, blood pressure Tablets, pulse Shu Tablets, compound hypotensive tablet, will be induced by drug source depression. In the early 20th century, there's report of 50 reserpine can cause depression.

In addition to antihypertensive drugs, the drug trade also induced depression antiarrhythmics, antipsychotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, contraceptives, hormones, and, in particular the role of the central nervous system drugs. Of course, not all people taking these drugs will be induced depression, drug-induced depressive illness will occur, and the patient's individual qualities, with or without a family history of mental illness and the amount of dosage, the duration of medication and so on.

Therefore, during the depression medication, or to increase existing depressive symptoms, should first take into account the drug-induced depression. Drug-induced depression with some occult, patients with medication-related depressive symptoms if they occur, should be addressed. Once disease symptoms, the doctor should be promptly Nursing and withdrawal, and adjustment of drug varieties.

Depression, the prevention and treatment?

Depression is a brain disorder, has its own genesis and development of the law. Over the years of depression and antidepressant studies, modern psychiatry has always been an important area of research. Although the etiology of depression and the pathophysiology is not entirely clear, but does not prevent the effective treatment of this disease.

Treatment of depression are many, such as psychotherapy, sleep deprivation therapy, light therapy and ECT treatment, but drug treatment is still mainly contemporary, supplemented by psychological therapy. Be pointed out that depressed patients often have a negative pessimistic thoughts, severe cases, suicide world-weary, physicians should be on high alert and warned to guard against the family. Conditions allow the best hospital, ECT has an immediate, life-giving effect, should be used decisively in a timely manner.

In order to effectively prevent depression, hypertension is best combined treatment (such as diet), reduce dependence on drugs, thereby reducing the result of long-term dependence on medication. In addition, no matter what the body with disease, should be optimistic, positive attitude, be a predisposing factor to depression, the role to a minimum.

"Three days post-partum nausea" Why is there

Statistics show that depressed symptoms about 60% of all mothers. This should happen within 3 days after birth, the civil often say "three days after delivery stuffy." Most of this phenomenon until 5-10 days later, the symptoms will ease or disappear, so easily ignored by people.

It is noteworthy, because individual differences, environmental factors, "three days post-partum nausea" may induce more serious postpartum depression, the absence of the necessary mental health care, may sometimes lead to serious consequences.

In addition to possible self-mutilation, such as maternal suicide, sometimes cause harm to others. Once with the murder occurred in the United States: the murderer is a 30-year-old mother, as suffering from severe postpartum depression, even a wretched killed their four biological children, people are all shocked!

Prone to postpartum depression and the following several factors:

Hormonal factors: the puerperal women and estrogen and progesterone levels drop dramatically, and the activities and emotions are closely related to the reduction of catecholamine secretion, which is caused by an important cause of mental disorders.

Personality factors: the study found, with introverted, sentimental, loving people sulking than cheerful, lively and are more prone to postpartum depression.

Disease and other causes: postpartum prone to postpartum fever, urinary retention, weakness, lack of impact of breast milk and so on, such as the failure to timely treatment, persistent or worsening condition when all the factors that increase the depression. Family estrangement: normal-law, husband and wife are more emotional conflict, post-natal case of minor disputes or conflicts to occur, can cause symptoms of depression syndrome.

Although postpartum depression is mostly a transient, the symptoms will not be long, but still need to have timely maternal symptoms were patient and meticulous work to divert and persuade. This will help to eliminate anxiety and so on abnormal psychology.

One husband is a very important role, he should be more sympathetic to his wife in the early postpartum physical and psychological changes as arising from mood disorders, some little things to avoid quarreling with. While also more concerned about his wife's physical condition or illness, the infant feeding should also spend more on the heart. If it is found that the patients have more severe depressive symptoms, they should accompany it to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible. In short, to create a harmonious, warm family atmosphere, on the prevention of postpartum depression is important.

Younger age and family-related depression

Mental Health Center of Xinjiang has announced that at present about a quarter of patients with depression in young people.

In recent years, the number of depressed patients showed an upward trend, but with lower and lower, mostly 14 to 30 year olds, and even eight-year-old children, each year thousands of psychiatric treatment of mental illness among people, young people accounts for about a quarter of them with varying degrees of depression, family education, social environment is a major factor in inducing depression.

Experts said that young people suffering from depression and school and family-related, school curriculum tension stress of study, together with the parents expectations for their children, causing them great mental pressure.

A considerable part of the young people suffering from depression and family education, family to give them a good material life, the lack of psychological and child communication, neglect the development system of their thought and independent life skills training exercise.

Some "little emperors" suddenly become "adult" can not face life after, with the accelerating pace of life, society in an increasingly competitive employment pressure, they can not take care of themselves living there, frustrated, problem-solving ability, not interpersonal problems, as long as the family, community condemnation, blame, cause great psychological gap.

Depression is the result of many direct cause of youth suicide, 30% of suicides by mental illness in depression due.

Suggested that parents should take the initiative to communicate with their children, give them real care and love to create a relatively relaxed and happy living environment for the growth, training them to face the growing ability to withstand setbacks and not thinking too much pressure on them, so that Children play him happy, self-growth potential. Found that children tend to have depression, they should promptly communicate with their children, when necessary, timely medical treatment and therapy with children.

Tell you that the seven causes of depression

Depression is due to the result of a combination of factors, the interaction between the factors influence each other. Depression because of the following areas:

1, depression causes - psychological, social factors

In recent years, psycho - social factors in affective disorders, especially depression, the occurrence and development, the importance of prevention and treatment, more attention has been paid. A variety of major life events happen suddenly, or long-term persistence, lead to unpleasant emotional experience, emotional experience that the more intense, more persistent, the greater its pathogenicity. Some studies suggest that adverse life events, such as divorce, serious illness or repeated misfortune can lead to depression. Daily stress on our bodies have not see adverse effects, in fact, can contribute to a wider range of diseases, including heart disease, colds and depression. Already prone to depression, for people who, if sustained in the violence, neglect, abuse or poverty, it is more likely to suffer from this disease.

2, depression causes - genetic factors

Large sample population genetic epidemiological survey, the more close blood relationship, the higher the probability of illness. A relative probability of illness is much higher than other relatives, which is consistent with the general laws of genetic disease.

Like many other diseases, depression often occurs in the family focus. If a parent is suffering from depression, the children suffering from the disease increased in 10% to 13%; in identical twins, this value even greater. If twins, one of whom suffer from depression, then another person in his life the possibility of depression is 70%.

3, depression causes - biological factors

When a person suffering from depression, the brain is often referred to as some of the chemical neurotransmitters appear to reduce. It was believed that 5 - HT and noradrenaline neurotransmitter imbalance between the two, it can lead to depression or anxiety. 5 - HT and noradrenaline decrease often leads to depression, decreased motivation, and changes in appetite and sexual desire.

4, depression causes - biological rhythm

Research shows that many of affective disorders, such as physiological indicators of body temperature, sleep, cortisol and other hormones and biological circadian rhythm, mainly for the phase shift, mostly phase forward, that is, the peak time of circadian rhythm early, depressed patients eyes rapid movement sleep latency (ie forward), suggested that depression may be regarded as biological indicators, meaning a conclusion.

5, depression causes - physical disease

Many physical diseases and conditions such as stroke, heart attack, cancer, chronic pain, diabetes, hormonal disorders and advanced disease can often lead to depression. If you or someone you know is suffering from physical disease, but there are faint signs or can not solve their basic physical needs, these symptoms may be the emotional response to physical illness or subjective response, it could be a sign of depression.

6, the cause of depression - personality

The occurrence of depression often certain personality traits: sensitive, suspicious, emotionally unstable, good strength, pessimistic, low self-confidence, bad thinking patterns, excessive worry or feel little control over life events were more prone to depression.

7, other causes of depression

Some drugs can cause depression. In addition, sometimes drinking too much can often lead to depression.

Successful people more prone to depression

Character is a person on the people, our attitudes and behavior shown on the psychological characteristics. Character is closely related with people's physical and mental health. For example, people who love easily lead to pessimism and premature senility; easily irritable angry people tend to shoot up blood pressure; anxiety over the person susceptible to gastrointestinal disorders, etc. ... ...

Personality changes also affect the disease. For example, the cancer go away without treatment are mostly cheerful, carefree person; hypertension, coronary heart disease often because of peace of mind, emotional stability and improved; optimistic, cheerful character who even got ulcers, ulcers healing is also faster; character vulnerable because of a mental blow to the occurrence of mental illness, and a strong personality, always take it easy and are not easy to disease.

Depression is the "hidden killer"

Such as depression, is the most common psychological disorder. 120 million people worldwide suffer depression, torture, China has more than 2,600 million people suffer from this disease. Depression is like a plague, to the spread, but silent. Depression often painful inner experience, is "the world's most negative and sad people," the suicide rate as high as 12% -14%, so called "hidden killer", also known as the "number-one killer."

September 8, 2008, South Korean actor An In-hwan suicide, but a month, South Korea has a "national star" status of Choi Jin-sil committed suicide once again bring people in shock. From the actor Lee Eun-ju started to actor Jung Bin, singer U-Nee and the October 4 suicide of transgender entertainer Cai Yuan, 6 suicide Kim Chi thick, like infectious diseases, as one by one star suicides in South Korea recently after another happened. Investigating further, the depressive episode is behind these invisible killers Stars.

We often see and hear from the media spread the news of a variety of successful suicides. Bengbu City, Anhui Province Statistics Bureau, such as Liu Min, 9 floor office building from the city jumped and committed suicide; Hunan Changde a multimillionaire in his own store hanged himself ... ...

Why successful people took to the road to ruin?

The feast of the successful people why they would have brought ruin suicide? Original successful people more likely to have depression, this is their character (or personality) related.

"Energetic-type" personality: In general, a person to succeed, in addition to more intelligent, have a wealth of knowledge but also to have abundant energy, tireless, passionate, hard work, tenacity and other quality, is usually We call these features of the personality with the "energetic-type" personality characteristics. However, the energetic personality characteristics can also be referred to as manic personality characteristics, meaning that they have long been a very mild manic state, in this state, its ability to reach beyond their often will be greater success.

The opposite is manic depression, mania that has the possibility of depression with someone who is much bigger than average. The case of depression, a professional known as "bipolar disorder" is "manic depression", manic depression take over and place, severe depressive episode will have suicidal thoughts.

"Depressive personality" personality: another person who is also likely to succeed, this man were modest, steady work, once the target-setting, will unswervingly, but at the same time, they often delicate emotions, heart emotion, but not easy to disclose outside voice, personality is more introverted, more thoughtful, which also are "depressive personality" personality. This is the kind of biased pessimistic personality characteristics, failing to easy to think the worst, good times, pessimism has been covered up, but encountered bad news for a long time, they tend to occur in the basis of this character heavy depressive episode.

"Ring of personality": there is a character called "Ring of personality", that is, energetic personality and depression, alternating personality, but also prone to bipolar disorder, depression led to suicide attacks. Ring personality who sometimes behaved quick thinking, energized and ambitious --- this positive attitude and makes up the momentum can easily be successful; but when they show some character to the other extreme expressed as reticent, hesitant, malaise, all day long with a worried frown, even pessimistic depression. Both look great personality exist between these people.

With depressive tendencies to fight back, "inoculate"

It is worth emphasizing that the predisposition to depression who want to learn stress reduction, back playing the "vaccination."

First of all, to relieve their stress, how to live and know how to entertainment, know how to release your stress. Although the work usually very busy, but sneak in, find opportunities to temporarily lose all the work and trouble to thoroughly relax, make efforts to obtain timely recovery.

Case of conflict, frustration and excessive mental stress, to be good at self-ease, such as participating in sports, social, tourism activities, to eliminate negative emotions, maintain a psychological balance. Establish a broad social support systems, social support system more perfect, more physical and mental health, learn to communicate, deal with family, friends, colleagues and relations, and establish a harmonious family relations and social relations, they will reduce their psychological pressure.

In addition, there must be some trouble to talk to family or friends, should not monopolize the responsibilities and problems in themselves, bear too much pressure. Once the more obvious symptoms of depression, they should immediately go to psychological counseling or medical treatment.

Pay attention to developing a healthy personality

In fact, you can gradually develop healthy personality is up, the following are the basic standards of health personality:

First, be realistic: A mental health of adults will face the reality, regardless of whether real happy for him.

Second, independence: a person of sound mind act with rational, stable, and able to properly listen to reasonable proposals. When necessary, he can make decisions and willing to take his decision may bring some consequences.

Third, there must be love: a healthy, mature people can from the love of their spouses, children, relatives, friends, have fun.

Fourth, angry to be able to automatic control: a normal healthy person of any angry angry sometimes inevitable, but he was able to grasp the scale, not irrational.

5, to be closed: a normal healthy people do their work, needs and good leisure and rest.

6, have long-term plan: a person of sound mind would give up the long-term interests of the immediate benefits, even though very charming immediate appeal.

7, tolerance and understanding: a mature person, this tolerance and understanding not only of gender-different people, should also include race, nationality and cultural background different from their own people.

8, continuous learning and training fun: constant growth of knowledge and extensive training in life and is one of the characteristics of healthy personality.

No one has immunity for depression, and depression in recent years, the aging trend from a younger age. In suicidal behavior among young people in particular, the high proportion. According to statistics, the peak of the early age of onset was 20 to 40 years old; women were twice; married than unmarried men, married women than unmarried persons; separation or divorce or family history of higher than ordinary 1.5 3 times. Depression is curable and the disease, the human body if the lack of serotonin (a potent central nervous system neurotransmitter), will lead to depression. If you are suffering from depression, avoid panicking and need not be shy, try self-nursed back to health law.

More specifically:

1. Outlet France: the feelings of their own exports to relax, not allow our hearts like a bottleneck, there deal with the unfair reality are the views of even the most frustrating thing, to speak out in anger or to anger consumers shift to a kinds of items on their beat, vent some way, which includes the release, transfer methods, this method is commonly used abroad, very good.

2. Sports Law: always easy to do qigong, aerobics, or playing, dancing events muscles for relaxation. Foot bath with hot water before going to sleep every night, and then rubbing feet. Deliberately encouraged to maintain their usual happy mood, not cranky. More with people, take part in meaningful community activities. According to psychologist recommended exercise is that we have the best natural antidepressant agent.

3. Broad-minded: people in their daily work life, should be open-minded, tolerant. So as to allow Hill Nachuan, Chuluanbujing. Broad-minded like a "tonic", can greatly increase the load capacity and the mental framework of immunity.

4. Desire to moderate: "When the indifferent Department and indifferent." Research indicates that when the human desire into an arithmetic progression growth, the inner pain and anguish is a geometric growth. Apparently, excessive desire and greed is not only not conducive to human life value and meaning of the solid and not conducive to mental health. Mental health and vitality incomplete framework based on simple and hyperthyroidism upon the desire, intention to enrich ordinary life products, in fame, wealth and the pursuit of survival fraction "number of things past and present, all resolved with a laugh of" the indifferent, so that the texture of life, health and clarity, positive and candid.

5. Care Law: Do not panic got depression should first identify the causes, to the relatives and friends pour out hearts depressed, lay down the burden of eliminating mental tension, learn to decompression. Treatment of depression should be mainly psychological treatment, people should use friendly and sympathetic attitude to encourage depressed patients with heart poured out to give guidance and assistance, so that patients can adapt to environment, obtain social support. If serious condition, must find a psychiatrist diagnosis, treatment and counseling for.

Depression is a disease, is like that can occur as a cold, cured of the disease. If depression is not a character Shiran (always cheerful optimist also suffer from depression, introverted also a lot of people without this disease) - then a busy city people, you have nothing to be reticent about it?

Who loves you are you, most people who care about you or you - for your love life and your love, caring for yourself, if depression, do not evade.