Friday, July 9, 2010

What drugs can induce depression

Depression is a common mental disorder, with persistent low state of mind characterized. Medicine survey found that some drugs cause depression is a major factor can not be ignored, and the drug-induced depression, called drug-induced depression. Multi-drug-induced depression in drug use within a few days to two years, occurred. Dosage, the more prone to depression; drug reduced, the condition can be alleviated though, but again drugs can induce depression. Particularly sensitive character within the patient and easier to disease. The model performance is restless and uneasy, irritability, lack of self-confidence, sleep disorders, severe or even suicidal.

Compound hypotensive tablet is a long-term can produce depression and other compound containing agents such as reserpine Andy blood plain film, the new fall films, blood pressure Tablets, pulse Shu Tablets, compound hypotensive tablet, will be induced by drug source depression. In the early 20th century, there's report of 50 reserpine can cause depression.

In addition to antihypertensive drugs, the drug trade also induced depression antiarrhythmics, antipsychotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, contraceptives, hormones, and, in particular the role of the central nervous system drugs. Of course, not all people taking these drugs will be induced depression, drug-induced depressive illness will occur, and the patient's individual qualities, with or without a family history of mental illness and the amount of dosage, the duration of medication and so on.

Therefore, during the depression medication, or to increase existing depressive symptoms, should first take into account the drug-induced depression. Drug-induced depression with some occult, patients with medication-related depressive symptoms if they occur, should be addressed. Once disease symptoms, the doctor should be promptly Nursing and withdrawal, and adjustment of drug varieties.

Depression, the prevention and treatment?

Depression is a brain disorder, has its own genesis and development of the law. Over the years of depression and antidepressant studies, modern psychiatry has always been an important area of research. Although the etiology of depression and the pathophysiology is not entirely clear, but does not prevent the effective treatment of this disease.

Treatment of depression are many, such as psychotherapy, sleep deprivation therapy, light therapy and ECT treatment, but drug treatment is still mainly contemporary, supplemented by psychological therapy. Be pointed out that depressed patients often have a negative pessimistic thoughts, severe cases, suicide world-weary, physicians should be on high alert and warned to guard against the family. Conditions allow the best hospital, ECT has an immediate, life-giving effect, should be used decisively in a timely manner.

In order to effectively prevent depression, hypertension is best combined treatment (such as diet), reduce dependence on drugs, thereby reducing the result of long-term dependence on medication. In addition, no matter what the body with disease, should be optimistic, positive attitude, be a predisposing factor to depression, the role to a minimum.

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