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Successful people more prone to depression

Character is a person on the people, our attitudes and behavior shown on the psychological characteristics. Character is closely related with people's physical and mental health. For example, people who love easily lead to pessimism and premature senility; easily irritable angry people tend to shoot up blood pressure; anxiety over the person susceptible to gastrointestinal disorders, etc. ... ...

Personality changes also affect the disease. For example, the cancer go away without treatment are mostly cheerful, carefree person; hypertension, coronary heart disease often because of peace of mind, emotional stability and improved; optimistic, cheerful character who even got ulcers, ulcers healing is also faster; character vulnerable because of a mental blow to the occurrence of mental illness, and a strong personality, always take it easy and are not easy to disease.

Depression is the "hidden killer"

Such as depression, is the most common psychological disorder. 120 million people worldwide suffer depression, torture, China has more than 2,600 million people suffer from this disease. Depression is like a plague, to the spread, but silent. Depression often painful inner experience, is "the world's most negative and sad people," the suicide rate as high as 12% -14%, so called "hidden killer", also known as the "number-one killer."

September 8, 2008, South Korean actor An In-hwan suicide, but a month, South Korea has a "national star" status of Choi Jin-sil committed suicide once again bring people in shock. From the actor Lee Eun-ju started to actor Jung Bin, singer U-Nee and the October 4 suicide of transgender entertainer Cai Yuan, 6 suicide Kim Chi thick, like infectious diseases, as one by one star suicides in South Korea recently after another happened. Investigating further, the depressive episode is behind these invisible killers Stars.

We often see and hear from the media spread the news of a variety of successful suicides. Bengbu City, Anhui Province Statistics Bureau, such as Liu Min, 9 floor office building from the city jumped and committed suicide; Hunan Changde a multimillionaire in his own store hanged himself ... ...

Why successful people took to the road to ruin?

The feast of the successful people why they would have brought ruin suicide? Original successful people more likely to have depression, this is their character (or personality) related.

"Energetic-type" personality: In general, a person to succeed, in addition to more intelligent, have a wealth of knowledge but also to have abundant energy, tireless, passionate, hard work, tenacity and other quality, is usually We call these features of the personality with the "energetic-type" personality characteristics. However, the energetic personality characteristics can also be referred to as manic personality characteristics, meaning that they have long been a very mild manic state, in this state, its ability to reach beyond their often will be greater success.

The opposite is manic depression, mania that has the possibility of depression with someone who is much bigger than average. The case of depression, a professional known as "bipolar disorder" is "manic depression", manic depression take over and place, severe depressive episode will have suicidal thoughts.

"Depressive personality" personality: another person who is also likely to succeed, this man were modest, steady work, once the target-setting, will unswervingly, but at the same time, they often delicate emotions, heart emotion, but not easy to disclose outside voice, personality is more introverted, more thoughtful, which also are "depressive personality" personality. This is the kind of biased pessimistic personality characteristics, failing to easy to think the worst, good times, pessimism has been covered up, but encountered bad news for a long time, they tend to occur in the basis of this character heavy depressive episode.

"Ring of personality": there is a character called "Ring of personality", that is, energetic personality and depression, alternating personality, but also prone to bipolar disorder, depression led to suicide attacks. Ring personality who sometimes behaved quick thinking, energized and ambitious --- this positive attitude and makes up the momentum can easily be successful; but when they show some character to the other extreme expressed as reticent, hesitant, malaise, all day long with a worried frown, even pessimistic depression. Both look great personality exist between these people.

With depressive tendencies to fight back, "inoculate"

It is worth emphasizing that the predisposition to depression who want to learn stress reduction, back playing the "vaccination."

First of all, to relieve their stress, how to live and know how to entertainment, know how to release your stress. Although the work usually very busy, but sneak in, find opportunities to temporarily lose all the work and trouble to thoroughly relax, make efforts to obtain timely recovery.

Case of conflict, frustration and excessive mental stress, to be good at self-ease, such as participating in sports, social, tourism activities, to eliminate negative emotions, maintain a psychological balance. Establish a broad social support systems, social support system more perfect, more physical and mental health, learn to communicate, deal with family, friends, colleagues and relations, and establish a harmonious family relations and social relations, they will reduce their psychological pressure.

In addition, there must be some trouble to talk to family or friends, should not monopolize the responsibilities and problems in themselves, bear too much pressure. Once the more obvious symptoms of depression, they should immediately go to psychological counseling or medical treatment.

Pay attention to developing a healthy personality

In fact, you can gradually develop healthy personality is up, the following are the basic standards of health personality:

First, be realistic: A mental health of adults will face the reality, regardless of whether real happy for him.

Second, independence: a person of sound mind act with rational, stable, and able to properly listen to reasonable proposals. When necessary, he can make decisions and willing to take his decision may bring some consequences.

Third, there must be love: a healthy, mature people can from the love of their spouses, children, relatives, friends, have fun.

Fourth, angry to be able to automatic control: a normal healthy person of any angry angry sometimes inevitable, but he was able to grasp the scale, not irrational.

5, to be closed: a normal healthy people do their work, needs and good leisure and rest.

6, have long-term plan: a person of sound mind would give up the long-term interests of the immediate benefits, even though very charming immediate appeal.

7, tolerance and understanding: a mature person, this tolerance and understanding not only of gender-different people, should also include race, nationality and cultural background different from their own people.

8, continuous learning and training fun: constant growth of knowledge and extensive training in life and is one of the characteristics of healthy personality.

No one has immunity for depression, and depression in recent years, the aging trend from a younger age. In suicidal behavior among young people in particular, the high proportion. According to statistics, the peak of the early age of onset was 20 to 40 years old; women were twice; married than unmarried men, married women than unmarried persons; separation or divorce or family history of higher than ordinary 1.5 3 times. Depression is curable and the disease, the human body if the lack of serotonin (a potent central nervous system neurotransmitter), will lead to depression. If you are suffering from depression, avoid panicking and need not be shy, try self-nursed back to health law.

More specifically:

1. Outlet France: the feelings of their own exports to relax, not allow our hearts like a bottleneck, there deal with the unfair reality are the views of even the most frustrating thing, to speak out in anger or to anger consumers shift to a kinds of items on their beat, vent some way, which includes the release, transfer methods, this method is commonly used abroad, very good.

2. Sports Law: always easy to do qigong, aerobics, or playing, dancing events muscles for relaxation. Foot bath with hot water before going to sleep every night, and then rubbing feet. Deliberately encouraged to maintain their usual happy mood, not cranky. More with people, take part in meaningful community activities. According to psychologist recommended exercise is that we have the best natural antidepressant agent.

3. Broad-minded: people in their daily work life, should be open-minded, tolerant. So as to allow Hill Nachuan, Chuluanbujing. Broad-minded like a "tonic", can greatly increase the load capacity and the mental framework of immunity.

4. Desire to moderate: "When the indifferent Department and indifferent." Research indicates that when the human desire into an arithmetic progression growth, the inner pain and anguish is a geometric growth. Apparently, excessive desire and greed is not only not conducive to human life value and meaning of the solid and not conducive to mental health. Mental health and vitality incomplete framework based on simple and hyperthyroidism upon the desire, intention to enrich ordinary life products, in fame, wealth and the pursuit of survival fraction "number of things past and present, all resolved with a laugh of" the indifferent, so that the texture of life, health and clarity, positive and candid.

5. Care Law: Do not panic got depression should first identify the causes, to the relatives and friends pour out hearts depressed, lay down the burden of eliminating mental tension, learn to decompression. Treatment of depression should be mainly psychological treatment, people should use friendly and sympathetic attitude to encourage depressed patients with heart poured out to give guidance and assistance, so that patients can adapt to environment, obtain social support. If serious condition, must find a psychiatrist diagnosis, treatment and counseling for.

Depression is a disease, is like that can occur as a cold, cured of the disease. If depression is not a character Shiran (always cheerful optimist also suffer from depression, introverted also a lot of people without this disease) - then a busy city people, you have nothing to be reticent about it?

Who loves you are you, most people who care about you or you - for your love life and your love, caring for yourself, if depression, do not evade.

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