Monday, July 12, 2010

Heart trouble from the "Missing Six"

Suicide is very popular! No sense of belonging to us, life is not easy, unfair, unhappy, insecure ... ... China has 28.7 million people die of suicide each year, 200 people attempted suicide. Mental illness and mental illness for more than cardiovascular, respiratory and malignant diseases such as ranking first in China's total burden of disease. When the mental problems are no longer isolated cases, what our life missing something?

China is in the transitional period, an increase of social conflicts, competition, increased pressure to accelerate the pace of work, and major disasters, the economic crisis, the result of national mental disorders and social problems becoming increasingly apparent. Beijing Medical Association Board of Psychology experts specially written to Zhuangao newspaper.

China's top three mental illnesses: depression, anxiety and insomnia

Covers a wide range of psychological problems, from child development and growth of youth, to empty nesters; from the ivory tower of university students, shed where the migrant workers, to white-collar workers, government officials, business elite, the people at all levels are faced with the Type various psychological problems.

Beijing people over 18 years, 60 million people have been or are suffering from depression. National depression were more than 2600 million, of which 10% -15% commit suicide. According to the Beijing Psychological Crisis Research Center survey, 28.7 million people in China die from suicide each year, 200 people attempted suicide.

Mental illness and mental illness for more than cardiovascular, respiratory and malignant diseases such as ranking first in China's total burden of disease, accounting for about 20%. About 160 million people each year lead to social problems because of psychological problems, or even constitute a crime, a great social harm.

Increased psychological problems are many reasons, I think mainly for the "six missing."

8 into the suicide risk of depression

First, missing the lightness of being: present state of general anxiety

In the rapidly changing face of social competition, people mental relaxation, catharsis fewer opportunities and channels, can not adjust their existing mental set and behavior patterns. According to the "2008 Survey of Chinese workplace to work report" shows that in a web-based office workers at 1 million survey, 61% of people feel the pressure more, nearly 2 / 3 of people produce burnout. Especially in the police, medical staff, senior managers and other professional groups, 70% -80% of people feel pressure; performance as insomnia, memory deterioration, prone to stress, anxiety and depression.

Second, lack of sense of fairness: Psychological imbalance present

As the current is not enough variety of institutional mechanisms to improve, people in the occupied resources and opportunities to acquire, arise in fact the outcome of enjoyment of any of the Bu fair, often in the corresponding generation in Bijiao deprivation and imbalance Xin Li Gan. Coupled with a high degree of modern information society, various unbalanced, unfair prompt and wide dissemination of information to the public, causing many people's psychological imbalance. Such sentiments have accumulated for too long is bound to have serious psychological problems and social conflicts.

Third, lack a sense of security: present state of public crisis of confidence

In the social transition, the traditional values of the past decades, employment patterns, security system, all of a sudden changed dramatically, making the security of expectations about the future lack of concern about the unknown, fear of mental ill-prepared to change and multi- lack of psychological identity, easy to produce anxiety, fear, mental confusion, there trust, faith and credit crisis. The Weng'an in recent years, the first rock group events, etc., all have decreased credibility of the Government's social and psychological background.

Fourth, lack of well-being: present confused state of spiritual emptiness

2006 Beijing white-collar community survey that compared to the past 5 years, happiness index declined slightly and decreased 36% lot; divorced couples, 81% are there because of emotional torture and psychological problems. This shows that, when the pursuit and possession of wealth is no longer a need to meet life, but a status, a status symbol and show off, the spirit will be more emptiness, pain and confusion. For example, repeated exposure of the actress in recent years, drug abuse, homosexuality, is the pursuit of morbid mental excitement to fill their empty souls example.

Fifth, lack a sense of belonging: present status of marginalized groups

Increase the scope of population movements, changes to speed up the living environment, coupled with natural disasters, will make people more social strangeness increase, bringing a sense of belonging in the lower, which led to loneliness, helplessness. Developed rapidly, especially in some of the city, there are too many to be the threshold of high employment and high cost of living marginalized "social isolation" crowd, or psychological "rootless" people, their existence and continued expansion of the city as a potential a certain amount of risk, easy to spread some negative emotions, and even endanger the social order and safety.

Sixth, the same lack of emotion: social prejudice against mental illness and discrimination

Psychological mental illness, because they "shame" but not in time for medical treatment, delayed diagnosis and treatment. And rehabilitation of mental illness who can not successfully return to the community of nations, has also led to increased rates of psychotic relapse.

Recommendation: General Hospital General psychology clinic to open

In developed countries, general hospitals, mental health services, clinical medicine has become one of the five sections. In recent years, some of our larger cities, the establishment of general hospital psychologist after another, set up common psychological clinic for a variety of other than mental illness or psychological stress and psychological barriers related to patient services and meet the needs of society. General hospitals need to actively build mental illness prevention system and research system, the whole emphasis in the treatment of mental illness in patients with early intervention, early identification and early treatment, and continuously improve the mental illness in general hospital capacity and level of integrated control.

Mainly for the masses of ordinary psychological clinic to provide outpatient counseling services. Currently there are a lot of general medical psychological and physical disease-related psychological disorder, general psychological clinic to talk to many patients suffering heart the opportunity to effectively help them solve their psychological problems, cure or mitigation of psychological barriers, to reduce inspection and non-blind patients reasonable medical treatment, reduces medical resource consumption, reduce the burden on the State and the family.

Tertiary medical conditions should be set up psychological ward. Treated for major mental disorders and more, and clinical subjects serious psychosomatic disorders, so these patients can be good in general hospital environment, be professional spirit - psychological professional medical services.

Strengthen liaison consultations, give full play to the spirit of a specialist role. In recent years, requests for general hospital psychiatric and psychological subjects the proportion of consultations increased year by year. Provided in general hospital psychiatric, psychological medicine consultation service that can enhance psychiatric, psychological subjects with other clinical collaboration between departments to promote the clinical psychological and spiritual knowledge, the patients meet the physical, psychological, social, integrated model of comprehensive medical services.

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