Monday, July 12, 2010

Life is too depressed to find the comfort you

Science and technology make our lives more comfortable, more and more people know how to enjoy. But U.S. experts have found, too comfortable living may make a higher incidence of depression, we should take the initiative in their work and make their busy lives.

People are still busy with some good

Occasional leisure, often at busy.

Even if your life is very comfortable and cozy, but do not meet this, the best point from time to time to find their own "busy."

Professor Blakemore, at work, as far as possible to finish a job or task. First of all, let their be doing something every day. Develop a detailed plan of work or study, preferably for a period of one week. The plan should include your hours of work per day, such as the points began to work, to the end points, need to work overtime long; What do you do each time so. With the plan constraints, it greatly reduces the idle and lazy time. When you work orderly, your brain will become more active, emotions also risen, but will not be discouraged, making a fuss of. Also, if you have time, it is best to work hand-written a summary or plan, do not always rely on the computer typing.

Second, think yourself every day. Encounter problems, do not immediately turn to the computer or others, if they do, not only the brain, "rusty", you will not enjoy the sense of self-realization. This is also an important factor for depression. Proposals, no trouble before to save for their first positive experience problems thinking solutions.

Finally, let himself every day "go." Want to find colleagues and leaders to discuss the issue, as far as possible through phone or online chat tool. Best to walk with each other in person interviews, one to conduct such hands-on can enhance your relationship, and secondly, will impact the thinking of the spark.

In life, though there are so many modern equipment could help our work, but sometimes have to learn to return to the "primitive." Director, Beijing Hui Long Guan Hospital, Dr Chen Dachun that is able to do more to alleviate the symptoms of depression. The thing is that some life whatever chores, such as small as possible without washing clothes can be washed by hand; have time to cook their own food, do not use the microwave easier route and leftovers; can cook at home, they try not to takeout; can use a broom and mop cleaning, do not use vacuum cleaners; as their dishes, use less dishwasher; go to the supermarket can not drive so walk.

Blackmore also suggested that men and women make their own hard work for them are also different ways. For the women, who might as organizations such as knitting in the past, mend them; male hands about home repairs and other things. These things may seem unremarkable, but it lets you get satisfaction from the bit and sense of fulfillment, better than lying on the couch watching TV you Shenzhelanyao better takeout. Do not forget, too leisurely life, nothing to rely on someone do it is a hotbed for breeding depression.

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