Friday, July 9, 2010

Tell you that the seven causes of depression

Depression is due to the result of a combination of factors, the interaction between the factors influence each other. Depression because of the following areas:

1, depression causes - psychological, social factors

In recent years, psycho - social factors in affective disorders, especially depression, the occurrence and development, the importance of prevention and treatment, more attention has been paid. A variety of major life events happen suddenly, or long-term persistence, lead to unpleasant emotional experience, emotional experience that the more intense, more persistent, the greater its pathogenicity. Some studies suggest that adverse life events, such as divorce, serious illness or repeated misfortune can lead to depression. Daily stress on our bodies have not see adverse effects, in fact, can contribute to a wider range of diseases, including heart disease, colds and depression. Already prone to depression, for people who, if sustained in the violence, neglect, abuse or poverty, it is more likely to suffer from this disease.

2, depression causes - genetic factors

Large sample population genetic epidemiological survey, the more close blood relationship, the higher the probability of illness. A relative probability of illness is much higher than other relatives, which is consistent with the general laws of genetic disease.

Like many other diseases, depression often occurs in the family focus. If a parent is suffering from depression, the children suffering from the disease increased in 10% to 13%; in identical twins, this value even greater. If twins, one of whom suffer from depression, then another person in his life the possibility of depression is 70%.

3, depression causes - biological factors

When a person suffering from depression, the brain is often referred to as some of the chemical neurotransmitters appear to reduce. It was believed that 5 - HT and noradrenaline neurotransmitter imbalance between the two, it can lead to depression or anxiety. 5 - HT and noradrenaline decrease often leads to depression, decreased motivation, and changes in appetite and sexual desire.

4, depression causes - biological rhythm

Research shows that many of affective disorders, such as physiological indicators of body temperature, sleep, cortisol and other hormones and biological circadian rhythm, mainly for the phase shift, mostly phase forward, that is, the peak time of circadian rhythm early, depressed patients eyes rapid movement sleep latency (ie forward), suggested that depression may be regarded as biological indicators, meaning a conclusion.

5, depression causes - physical disease

Many physical diseases and conditions such as stroke, heart attack, cancer, chronic pain, diabetes, hormonal disorders and advanced disease can often lead to depression. If you or someone you know is suffering from physical disease, but there are faint signs or can not solve their basic physical needs, these symptoms may be the emotional response to physical illness or subjective response, it could be a sign of depression.

6, the cause of depression - personality

The occurrence of depression often certain personality traits: sensitive, suspicious, emotionally unstable, good strength, pessimistic, low self-confidence, bad thinking patterns, excessive worry or feel little control over life events were more prone to depression.

7, other causes of depression

Some drugs can cause depression. In addition, sometimes drinking too much can often lead to depression.

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