Monday, July 12, 2010

Why do kids get depressed

With the emphasis on mental health and the popularization of health knowledge, people gradually realize that depression is no longer the patent for adults, children are becoming another victim of depression group. So why children do get depressed?

Children of Depression:

1, genetic factors: familial genetic factors in the pathogenesis of depression in children may play a role, about 50% of parents of children with depression have at least one person suffered from depression. Children before the onset of depression, personality tend to be stubborn, challenging behavior, or performance of a passive, incompetent, dependent and alone. In addition, events such as parental death or divorce, children can also be depressed.

2 accident: a certain object, such as the loss of someone or something on the occurrence of depression plays an important role: as the person or thing is very important for children, so children see it as and they are one, when such an important person or thing when no longer exist, such as the separation of their parents death, can cause intense ambivalence of children, and thus transformed into a sense of their own hostility, leading to the emergence of depression.

3, cognitive factors: the child's cognitive process in the form of depression plays an important role. This view, early childhood experiences such as separation, bereavement, lack of maternal love and the warmth of family and so easy to create a negative perception the background, when children are frustrated when they tend to belittle their own, produce impotence, despair emotional experience, and things to do on distorted and exaggerated understanding. Negative form of depression cognitive susceptibility mechanism.

4, hormonal changes: pre-school children will have depression, but more children diagnosed with depression in adolescence, those children. This phase is the period of hormonal change, boys and girls have roughly the same proportion of depression, but in their teens and into adulthood, girls have to increase the proportion of depression is twice that of boys. Hormonal changes and social expectations are the reason for this gender difference.

To understand why children get depressed, help parents do a good job guarding, to prevent the occurrence of child depression. And can avoid some of the family as much as possible predisposing factor, even if that child has depression also appeared in the Chu Li is well to avoid some of the unnecessary psychological burden.

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