Friday, July 9, 2010

Younger age and family-related depression

Mental Health Center of Xinjiang has announced that at present about a quarter of patients with depression in young people.

In recent years, the number of depressed patients showed an upward trend, but with lower and lower, mostly 14 to 30 year olds, and even eight-year-old children, each year thousands of psychiatric treatment of mental illness among people, young people accounts for about a quarter of them with varying degrees of depression, family education, social environment is a major factor in inducing depression.

Experts said that young people suffering from depression and school and family-related, school curriculum tension stress of study, together with the parents expectations for their children, causing them great mental pressure.

A considerable part of the young people suffering from depression and family education, family to give them a good material life, the lack of psychological and child communication, neglect the development system of their thought and independent life skills training exercise.

Some "little emperors" suddenly become "adult" can not face life after, with the accelerating pace of life, society in an increasingly competitive employment pressure, they can not take care of themselves living there, frustrated, problem-solving ability, not interpersonal problems, as long as the family, community condemnation, blame, cause great psychological gap.

Depression is the result of many direct cause of youth suicide, 30% of suicides by mental illness in depression due.

Suggested that parents should take the initiative to communicate with their children, give them real care and love to create a relatively relaxed and happy living environment for the growth, training them to face the growing ability to withstand setbacks and not thinking too much pressure on them, so that Children play him happy, self-growth potential. Found that children tend to have depression, they should promptly communicate with their children, when necessary, timely medical treatment and therapy with children.

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