Monday, July 12, 2010

Increase in the incidence of divorce, depression

A large international study shows that marriage is conducive to mental health, divorce would increase the risk of depression and drug abuse.

The study is based on the past 10 years the World Health Organization World Mental Health Survey carried out based on the 334 493 from 15 countries were studied. Study found breaking up, marriage, divorce or death caused by the end of the disease with a higher risk of mental health related to women are more likely to become drug addicts, men are more likely to fall into the quagmire of depression.

The study found that, both for men and women, marriage should be increased more than the single mental health, this finding consistent with previous research conducted. The study also found that men and women are more likely than first marriages in depression. Scott said this might be played by men in traditional family roles. According to the World Mental Health Survey results, the higher the educational level of women's lower likelihood of depression.

Another study found that gender differences, the marriage can reduce the likelihood of female drug abuse. Studies show that marriage for men and women in mental health access to many benefits, end of the marriage leading to pain and sorrow will make it easier for people suffering from mental illnesses.

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